Aaron Lux
Leadership | Entrepreneurship | AI/ML | Execution


Seasoned AI & Machine Learning Engineer with over 5 years of experience specializing in creating scalable solutions across multiple industries. Proven leader in data engineering, adept at designing, developing, and deploying robust pipelines. Skilled mentor and quick adopter of new technologies. Strong advocate for equality, inclusivity, and diversity in tech. Schedule a meeting at AaronLux.com

Professional Experience:​

Accenture US
Chicago, IL
May 2022 to December 2023
AI Engineering Manager
Developed and delivered innovative AI & Machine Learning solutions as part of the Global Data & AI team.
Specialized in Data Science, Generative AI & LLM (Large Language Models), and Cloud Technologies.
Led global teams through complex projects, handling data engineering, machine learning model creation, and end-to-end delivery of AI-driven products & systems.
Applied emerging technologies to transform AI/ML concepts into practical applications that drive business growth.
Industry Experience:
Demonstrated successful project delivery across diverse industries such as Software & Platforms, Airline, Consumer Products, Healthcare, Telecom, Financial Services, and Research Institutes.

Two Sigma
AI Research Scientist
New York, New York, United States
February 2021 to May 2022
Part of a team that applies machine learning and deep learning techniques to solve problems, especially those involving large, noisy data sets.
Developed efficient techniques and infrastructure from the initial idea to the running prototype and product.
Experience in writing code, using the latest machine learning tools, and running experiments to improve understanding of financial data’s influence on the world.
Collaborated with teams across Two Sigma to implement ideas into their products.
Maintained a wide-ranging understanding of the open-source ML ecosystem and stayed updated with the latest advances in ML, both in academic and industrial contexts.
Developed libraries for automating Machine Learning (ML) workflows and experiment evaluations.
Enhanced and extended the capabilities of open-source ML tools through intensive study and debugging.
Optimized systems to align with the specific needs of trading systems, ensuring efficient training and low-latency inference.
Created tools to train and evaluate models in parallel over large datasets.
Actively contributed to the direction of an ML platform widely used by traders and researchers across the firm.
Maintained a wide-ranging understanding of the open-source ML ecosystem and stayed updated with the latest advances in ML, both in academic and industrial contexts.
Advocacy and Leadership:
Advocated for Women in Tech and championed equality in the tech realm.
Led initiatives promoting people development and fostering inclusion and diversity in the workplace.

Data Engineering Consultant
Boston, MA
October 2019 to May 2021
Aerospace & Defense:
Created a use case for sales lead generation.
The impact of this was a 60% increase in sales leads.
This was achieved by creating intricate algorithms that utilized fuzzy matching techniques.
Incorporated a layered approach, context mapping, and regular expressions to improve matching accuracy across diverse datasets.
Global Airlines:
Developed the firm’s first connection generator for airlines to enhance airline analytics.
Applied Spark optimization methods to increase execution efficiency.
Set up the development environment from scratch by configuring Python, Docker, Spark, and Git repositories.
Established an infrastructure for pipeline execution at zero cost to the team while ensuring scalability to cloud infrastructure to accommodate larger requests.
Life Sciences:
Worked on the analytics transformation of how a pharmaceutical company engages with healthcare professionals.
This was done across various therapeutic areas such as Oncology, Immunology, Cardiovascular Metabolism (CVM), and infectious diseases.


University of Wisconsin MS Computer Science
University of Minnesota BS Computer Science

Volunteer Experience:​

Donar Advised Fund
President & Operations Manager
Hamilton, Bermuda
December 2023-Present
Manage one of the most extensive portfolios of residential housing in Minnesota.
Established a new state record for Minnesota’s most expensive apartment sale (350-units sold for over $500k per unit).
Reinvest profits to develop affordable housing options for low to mid income families.
Developed customer-centric platforms, including AI, CRMs, and messaging systems, improving customer interaction.
Built and managed effective teams, focusing on human-centered HR operations and understanding of customer journey.
Led the development of advanced technologies like generative AI, emphasizing customer-first product leadership.
Directed complex projects, including running events and hiring staff in new countries.
Assisted clients in finding affordable homes using digital solutions, enhancing buying and selling experiences.
Managed compliance and financial aspects for charitable entities, collaborating with Operations Associates, legal advisors, and accountants.